Application management

Our Application Management Services are designed to help clients improve their business performance by working with them to design, build, implement, support, optimize their business applications. We build these solutions, using our high quality, low cost on-site, off-site, offshore delivery models. We believe that we have a set of integrated skills that enable our clients to develop or enhance their businesses in rapid timeframes.This skill set includes:

  • Application Development
  • Application Maintenance
  • Application Enhancement
  • Application Support

We follow the standard methodology for all the phases of development during Requirements Gathering, Functional Specifications, Design, Development, Testing, UAT Support, Deployment, Warranty and Post Warranty Support.

Our deep understanding of business needs, technical expertise and proven methodologies and processes allow us to custom-built applications as per your requirements, with highest quality standards and extreme certainty.

We have team of experts who specialized in the areas of ERP, CRM, Data Warehousing, Web Technologies, Oracle, System Integration and so forth to develop a complete custom application that meets your business requirements.

There is increasing user demand and workloads, a greater number of applications, and more complex applications that need to be supported. How do you do all of this with constrained or shrinking run & maintain budgets?
We believe there has to be a new and better way.


Here’s how we address the challenges:

  1. Service Value: New analytical approaches and automation techniques to help you optimize business value from your applications estate
  2. Flexibility: New service consumption models aligned to variable business needs that allow you to increase or decrease consumption due to seasonal or cyclical peak loads with variable pricing models
  3. Budgetary value: Multiple / configurable support options that create opportunities for cost savings.

Our traditional application management services focus on skills and leverage our global centers of excellence
Our next generation services focus on new application management capabilities and service options. For example:

  • Management as a Service - leveraging a full range of tools and automation including ServiceNow and our recently acquired company Fruition Partners.
  • Application Maintenance - for application package upgrades
  • Performance Engineering Services - to optimize applications’ performance and identify and help mitigate business risks; we keep a sharp focus on user experience
  • Database Management Services – helps you optimize your databases to cope with the huge increase in data volumes, and to maintain databases
  • Platform Management Services - to address the increasing use of new and modern cloud and mobile platforms and devices now at the heart of business operations
  • Emerging Solutions and Techniques for Digital Business - for example Agile development practices; API Management and the use of enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.

We believe our deep knowledge in Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense, and Automotive industries, among others, and our heritage in traditional applications management combined with our next generation services and global delivery capabilities is a winning combination.