Quality Assurance

Advantecs takes a zealous initiative in thoroughly testing an application. The reason for that is becomes apparent with a simple analogy of snow-balling. As the application is being developed it is a smaller entity and takes less resources to debug. However during the latter phases of the application development, when the application has already consumed the majority of resources, debugging and testing increase the cost ten fold.

Our testing experts ensure that your business can run as usual, when corrections / enhancements / upgrades are being made to your applications. We quickly prepare the test environment and ensure the business critical application is error free.

Specialized Services

We offer a full spectrum of testing services to help address all your software testing needs – from creating a test strategy to developing an automation framework and taking end-to-end responsibility of your testing requirements for improved software life cycle efficiency. With the dawn of new era in testing, we constantly serve our clients in the best way by continually monitoring our testing processes for reliability and adding new service lines like cloud testing and mobile testing. These, in essence, are the niche and specialized testing services that we are experts at offering.